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The need to protect confidential information is one of the most important aspects of any corporate security program. There are still those few who are prepared to cross that thin divide towards unethical and even illegal practices, to obtain the highest level of confidential information and exploit this for gains without the burden of research or investment. Consistently over the years there have been many published incidents of Electronic Eavesdropping devices found in the offices and homes of senior management and high profile personalities, but this by no means indicates the true extent of the problem.

Bugs come in all shapes and sizes. Bugs can be a camera and or an audio listening device. Listening devices can be placed in the room or on the phone line to capture audio and the same is true for a spy camera to capture video.

Resident Security can help you achieve “peace of mind” by conducting an electronic bug sweep to determine if there are bugging devices in your power outlets, telephones, smoke detectors, alarm system and any other areas that are susceptible to bugging devices.

Despite the high level of threat, many companies and individuals remain oblivious to the risks they face and the simple precautions that can be taken to protect themselves. Resident Security can help you safeguard your privacy and confidential material against any unauthorized intrusion by providing a full analysis and debugging sweep of your offices, factories, homes, cars, yachts and even aircraft. With skilled individuals performing physical observations and with the latest in high technology search equipment, we can detect, verify and disengage standard bugs and telephone taps as well as the more advanced devices on the market.

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